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Together with you, our mission is to work as a team to save your home or commercial property. Our Job is to professionally prepare and submit your loan modification, commercial loan workouts, audits, foreclosure and financial documents. Our Goals are to: SAVE YOU MONEY, help SAVE YOUR PROPERTY and to provide you with GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We accomplish our goals by offering you several options and services for loan modification assistance:

Loan Modification Processing, Outsourcing, Foreclosure and Financial Services.

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Loan Disposition Analysis

The Loan Disposition Analysis LDA REPORT is an impartial, third-party analysis tool. It takes your current loan information, property information and financial situation into account and then runs that data against various loan disposition models, or analytics. The LDA REPORT is going to show you, the homeowner what you qualify for, or if you don’t qualify, it’s going to tell you why. Not only does it shed light on your situation but it gives the firm you are working with a huge advantage compared to someone without the report. Without the LDA Report you have nothing.

The bank knows everything about you, but you know nothing about the bank and how they may in fact benefit by providing you with an alternative to foreclosure. In most cases the investor would in fact come out on top by helping rather than the alternative which is foreclosure.

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The LDA NPV Report is a tool that will allow you to know what you qualify for in the way of a foreclosure alternative. Remember, there are more modifications than just HAMP… the LDA NPV Report will give you those answers plus you will know why,”You DO or Do Not! ” The report includes a“NPV” Pass / Fail, as well. We are seeing mod results within 60-90 days generally if the report passes the npv test. Most importantly the LD LDA NPV Report allows you to clear up the feeling of uncertainty between 3-5 Business Days as opposed to months of agonizing waiting for an answer you may never get.

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Outsource Backend Loan Modification Processing

We “push the papers” deal with the banks and you maintain your client relationship.

No Upfront Cost | Low Cost Flat-Rate Services | Foreclosure Specialist, Professional Preparation & Services

Our backend processing program is an effective and efficient outsourcing program for individuals and companies processing loan modifications. We work hand-in-hand with those in the mortgage industry, Lenders, Realtors, Institutions, Attorneys and Property Owners as a team in order for all to reach success thereby making it a win-win situation for all involved.

With our service you are implementing a cost effective, efficient, time management plan of action that will increase your company’s bottom line.

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